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20592Re: [linux-dell-laptops] tv out on inspiron 600m

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  • Paul Gratz
    Aug 2, 2003
      Thats the same chip as on my 8500, here is a mail to this group that I
      sent a few months ago, let me know if you get it to work, I haven't used
      it since I wrote this:

      --- old mail ---

      After alot of experimenting I have found a way to use it to play movies
      on TV with a few caveats. Here is the cookbook:

      1. reboot your laptop with the tvout plug hooked to your computer and
      TV. Install atitvout and mplayer.

      2. From a console edit your XF86Config file to only have either 800x600
      or 640x480 in it. I found 640x480 a better bet because of performance
      issues (I'll get to why).

      3. restart the XDM server so it reads the new XF86Config file and login
      to X. KDE and Gnome suck at 640x480 but there's not much you can do
      about that.

      4. Open an xterm, type "xhost +" and su to root.

      5. Export your display to localhost.

      6. First try running your movie on the laptop screen w/
      mplayer (filename or -dvd 1 for dvd) -vo x11 -zoom

      The X11 is required as the driver because I found that other
      drivers screw up the tvout.

      7. Assuming that works properly type:
      atitvout -f t

      and you should see your display on the TV.

      8. Here is where the wierdness begins, I found that doing somethings
      like hitting the "alt" key or using the mouse can make the colors get
      strange if this happens hit "ctrl-alt-f1" to switch to a terminal and
      "ctrl-alt-f7" to switch back to the laptop screen and then do the
      "atitvout -f t" again. It sounds weird but it does work.

      9. Now while on tv if you run the same mplayer command line you should
      find the output displayed correctly on the screen. If you use xv or any
      other -vo driver for mplayer I've found it messes up the colors.
      Unfortunately the x11 driver has pretty crappy performance so thats why
      we need 640x480 to get smooth playing....

      10. Once the movie is done you will have to reboot with your old x
      config to get everything straight again.

      Please let me know your experiences with these instructions or if you
      find a better way to make it work.


      On Sat, 2003-08-02 at 18:32, VanVeghten, Tobyn Warren (UMR-Student)
      > Has anyone gotten the tv out to work on an Inspiron 600m with the 64mb Radeon Mobility 9000? I have successfully installed the ati.2 drivers and atitvout, but when I try and run atitvout, it complains the VBE calls failed.
      > Any ideas?
      > Thanks,
      > Tobyn V.
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