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20574Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Re: Random mouse clicking/movement?

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  • W.K. Vladmir Ward
    Aug 1, 2003
      As far as the clicking goes, the touchpad and
      trackstick are both capable of interpreting taps as
      clicking (meaning you bump one or the other, or if you
      ease up on the pressure for a moment and then go back,
      it can assume you're clicking. Quite annoying if you
      don't set the sensetivity properly, but I don't know
      of a way to do this in Linux. I just get used to it
      and try to keep a constant pressure on the pad.

      By the way... do you think Dell will send me a new
      touchpad if I tell them mine's lost its texture? It's
      smooth in the middle and I don't like that.

      --- Sjoerd Mullender <Sjoerd.Mullender@...> wrote:
      > On Fri, Aug 1 2003 S�ren_Madsen wrote:
      > > > I seem to be having issues with the mouse
      > randomly clicking in both
      > > > Linux and Windows, and randomly drifting in
      > Linux... not so much
      > > worried
      > > > about the drifting, but the clicking is really
      > getting on my
      > > nerves, and
      > > > the fact that it's across both Linux and Windows
      > is disturbing...
      > > has
      > > > anyone else had this problem?
      > >
      > > Im also having this problem. The random drifting
      > of the mouse is
      > > usually gone pretty quickly if you do not touch
      > the trackstick and
      > > just let it drift until its over...
      > >
      > > I think I will try to disable the touchpad in the
      > bios, as I dont use
      > > it...
      > The drifting of the cursor is due to the way the
      > trackstick is
      > implemented. Because of the variable signals the
      > track stick
      > generates, it is recalibrated every so often. In
      > principle, this
      > happens when you're not touching it, but if you
      > apply a constant
      > pressure, the hardware doesn't know the difference.
      > It then
      > recalibrates using this pressure, and when you let
      > go, the cursor
      > drifts in the opposite direction of the pressure.
      > Until the stick
      > gets recalibrated again.
      > I have seen this problem with my Dell laptop, but
      > also with my IBM
      > thinkpads which also have these tracksticks.
      > -- Sjoerd Mullender <sjoerd@...>

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