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2033Re: Maestro 3 works with latest ALSA drivers

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  • dubeys@bxscience.edu
    Jan 2, 2001

      I have the same problem as he does. The drivers load; but nothing
      works. I get weird messages about /dev/dsp from mpg123 and xmms I
      am running linux 2.4-test12 with the minimum sound support required,
      and modules enabled.

      i've almost got the zabbo.net drivers to work. just the ac97_codec
      module seems to give me some trouble.

      As for the getting the sound blaster compat mode for the Maestro3...
      Everytime i'm about to "compile" the DOS hdimage, i get a really odd
      error message. I have contacted some far more advanced and
      experinced DOSemu users. Hopefully they will help resolve the issue.

      I really want sound support. Everything else works. But using those
      OSS/Price drivers really suck.


      Sunny Dubey

      --- In linux-dell-laptops@egroups.com, "T. Daniel Crawford"
      <crawdad@v...> wrote:
      > On Tue, 2 Jan 2001, Paul L. McNeely wrote:
      > > Do you have sound support and module support compiled into your
      > Yes, I'm using the 2.2.16-22 kernel provided with RH7, which
      includes sound
      > support. The modules are being loaded it appears, but I'm not
      > enough to debug this problem very efficiently:
      > snd-pcm-oss 16656 0 (unused)
      > snd-pcm-plugin 14224 0 [snd-pcm-oss]
      > snd-mixer-oss 3936 0 [snd-pcm-oss]
      > snd-card-maestro3 11584 0
      > snd-pcm 29408 0 [snd-pcm-oss snd-pcm-plugin
      > snd-card-maestro3]
      > snd-timer 8064 0 [snd-pcm]
      > snd-ac97-codec 23712 0 [snd-card-maestro3]
      > snd-mixer 23328 0 [snd-mixer-oss snd-ac97-codec]
      > snd 35664 1 [snd-pcm-oss snd-pcm-plugin
      snd-mixer-oss snd-card-maestro3 snd-pcm snd-timer snd-ac97-codec
      > soundcore 2608 2 [snd]
      > Any direction from those more knowledgeable than I would be greatly
      > appreciated.
      > -Daniel
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