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2004Latitude C800 & Inspiron 8000 HOWTO uploaded

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  • Andreas Heilwagen
    Jan 1, 2001

      yesterday I wrote together all the stuff how to
      get Mandrake 7.2 up and running on the above
      mentioned machines. You can find it on


      or as deep link @


      Today I added the T-DSL configuration stuff and I hope
      that I soon get the Maestro 3i, APM, PCMCIA, Irda and so
      on running too. Currently the build-in modem does not
      even run on Win98 or Win2k on my C800 :((

      Please give me feedback if you find flaws in the
      HOWTO or if you have better configurations. I hope
      that there will be a complete Mandrake 7.2 on big
      dell laptops cookbook in the end.