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2003Re: inspiron 8000

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  • brianhef-egroups@heftone.com
    Dec 31, 2000
      --- In linux-dell-laptops@egroups.com, ChandraKanth Nathani
      <chandrakanth_n@y...> wrote:

      I think Dell ships at least two different built-in miniPCI
      network/modem combos, depending on what's avaialble. The one I got in
      mine (shipped 200-12-22) shows as an Actiontec 82559 in the windows
      device manager. It uses the eepro100 network driver in linux. I've
      seen other reports of i8000s shipping with a 3com-based miniPCI
      instead. In both cases the 10/100 network part is recognised and works
      out-of-the-box using Redhat 7, but I've heard of no success with the

      The miniPCI network jack worked for me first try with my Redhat 7
      install, but I it stops working after suspend and I haven't managed to
      get the to get it back up without rebooting. I have not read any
      reports of problems with the 3com-based card recovering correctly from
      suspend in linux.

      I haven't spent more than 5 minutes fussing with the modem. I suspect
      it's a lucent-based winmodem that maybe-will maybe-won't work with a
      binary-only driver in linux. I just haven't bothered.

      I have a nice Linksys pcmcia modem/10/100 that I use after resuming
      from suspend.

      I really like the i8000, especially the hi-res screen. The keyboard
      beats other laptop keyboards I've tried.

      > I have been seriosly considering inspiron 8000 for the laptop I am
      gonna buy in the next two days and I have been following all the
      messages on this list. The only thing thats making me go for inspiron
      8000 is that we can go for higher resolutions, where as all other
      brands give 1024X768.
      > No one has talked about the modem and network card that comes on the
      board in Inspiron 8000.. did anyone have success in getting them to
      > Thanks
      > Chandu
      > ChandraKanth Nathani
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