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19605Re: OpenOffice.org

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  • koalillo
    Jun 3, 2003
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      Huh, just for the record I've used both OOo binaries and compiled from
      sources (using a Gentoo ebuild, which is kinda easy), and IIRC, there
      was not a noticeable difference (as is nearly always the case with
      compiling/using binaries), it also takes a looot of time to build and
      loads of disk space.

      Anyway, I've checked the ebuild and it seems to use the gpc mentioned
      by the previous poster to compile... and it looks like uses gcc3...


      > Recently installed OOo on my laptop, from precompiled
      > binaries. I'm pretty pleased with it, but it's often
      > unbearably slow (at least in relation to the rest of
      > my code-opted desktop). I've decided I'll leave it as
      > is on the laptop, but for my desktop I don't want the
      > lagginess that the precompiled gives me. So, I
      > downloaded the sources.
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