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19210Re: My laptop's intrusive noisy fan

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  • Dave Kristol
    May 5, 2003
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      --- In linux-dell-laptops@yahoogroups.com, "darrenwhite_uk"
      <darrenwhite_uk@y...> wrote:
      > Hello
      > Thanks for the info.
      > my laptop is a inspiron 8100, bios A08, Im running Red Hat 9
      > I have tryed to install i8kutils using rpm. When I go to run it's sub
      > programs I get the following errors
      > [darren@dhcppc1 darren]$ i8k <TAB>
      > i8kbuttons i8kctl i8kfan i8kmon
      > [darren@dhcppc1 darren]$ i8kbuttons
      > unable to open i8k proc file: /proc/i8k[darren@dhcppc1 darren]$ i8kctl
      > can't open /proc/i8k: No such file or directory
      > [darren@dhcppc1 darren]$ i8kfan
      > can't open /proc/i8k: No such file or directory
      > [darren@dhcppc1 darren]$ i8kmon
      > /usr/bin/i8kmon: line 23: exec: tclsh: not found
      > [darren@dhcppc1 darren]$
      > So I don't know what went wrong with the install. Is this program
      > avalable in sourse? rpm never seam to work well for me. It tell me
      > that ependencies are missing when they are not or it puts this in
      > stupid places.

      Make sure the i8k kernel module is loaded. Try "lsmod | grep i8k".
      If you get nothing but a prompt, try "insmod i8k", then try the above

      > The other day I ramed scissors in the fans to shut them up while I
      > finised reading somthing. when I palled the scissors out the fan went
      > on and never stoped even though the air that was coming out the back
      > was cool. I no stupid of me.

      It's probably unwise to jam the fans, lest you cook the processor.
      The BIOS is known to have a bug such that it sometimes fails to read
      the CPU temperature correctly. Try hitting Fn+z, which asks the BIOS
      to reread the temperature. If the temperature is cool enough, the
      BIOS will turn the fans off.

      Dave Kristol
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