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19206Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Re: My laptop's intrusive noisy fan

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  • Norbert Preining
    May 5, 2003
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      On Mon, 05 Mai 2003, darrenwhite_uk wrote:
      > [darren@dhcppc1 darren]$ i8k <TAB>
      > i8kbuttons i8kctl i8kfan i8kmon
      > [darren@dhcppc1 darren]$ i8kbuttons
      > unable to open i8k proc file: /proc/i8k[darren@dhcppc1 darren]$ i8kctl

      Do you have a kernel with i8k support running? The whole stuff only
      works with a kernel and a userland side. THe program you are starting is
      supposed to read information from the kernel driver...

      > [darren@dhcppc1 darren]$ i8kmon
      > /usr/bin/i8kmon: line 23: exec: tclsh: not found
      > that ependencies are missing when they are not or it puts this in

      What about thinking that the dependencies really ARE dependencies. You
      have to install tcl/tk (tclsh) for running i8kmon, but it is useless as
      long as there is no kernel running ...

      > Anyway how do I get this i8kutils thing working?

      I have it working, compile your own kernel, I don't know wether your
      linux distribution ships a kernel with i8k support.

      Best wishes


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