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19205Re: My laptop's intrusive noisy fan

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  • darrenwhite_uk
    May 5, 2003
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      Thanks for the info.
      my laptop is a inspiron 8100, bios A08, Im running Red Hat 9
      I have tryed to install i8kutils using rpm. When I go to run it's sub
      programs I get the following errors

      [darren@dhcppc1 darren]$ i8k <TAB>
      i8kbuttons i8kctl i8kfan i8kmon
      [darren@dhcppc1 darren]$ i8kbuttons
      unable to open i8k proc file: /proc/i8k[darren@dhcppc1 darren]$ i8kctl
      can't open /proc/i8k: No such file or directory
      [darren@dhcppc1 darren]$ i8kfan
      can't open /proc/i8k: No such file or directory
      [darren@dhcppc1 darren]$ i8kmon
      /usr/bin/i8kmon: line 23: exec: tclsh: not found
      [darren@dhcppc1 darren]$

      So I don't know what went wrong with the install. Is this program
      avalable in sourse? rpm never seam to work well for me. It tell me
      that ependencies are missing when they are not or it puts this in
      stupid places.

      The other day I ramed scissors in the fans to shut them up while I
      finised reading somthing. when I palled the scissors out the fan went
      on and never stoped even though the air that was coming out the back
      was cool. I no stupid of me.

      Anyway how do I get this i8kutils thing working?
      Thanks for any help
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