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19165Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Re: Dell I-2650 Dual Boot (RH Linux and XP)

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  • Randy Perkins
    May 1, 2003
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      >   One more question. I am sure you have an Ethernet card and USB
      > ports in your system. OK, here is the situation. I am using a USB based
      > cable modem. When I restart after plugging in the USB modem, I get the
      > modem mapped to "eth0" and my loopback "localhost"
      > seems to have

      glad you are working
      sorry i cant help you with usb modem,
      as i dont have one,
      and have never used usb network device in linux

      i used to have a dsl modem that could be ethernet/usb.
      i always used ethernet.

      this was a couple years ago and usb network products
      werent very stable, but this was in windows.

      if no one can get you going with usb modem,
      maybe your modem also has ethernet ?,
      or your ISP can provide you with a modem that supports ethernet.

      have fun
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