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19157Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Re: audio recording on inspiron 2650/suse 8.2

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  • Randy Perkins
    May 1, 2003
      On Wed, 2003-04-30 at 16:05, ccapocasa wrote:
      > randy,
      > thanks for your fast reply. you're right, inspiron has no built-in
      > mic. i use a headset
      > and recording's no sweat on win2k.

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      i was able to record sound with my i2650
      i had only luck from the command line,
      i use rh9/kde and artsd when in GUI,
      and it didnt work right off the bat,
      so i went to the command line.

      hit <cntrl><alt><F1> or otherwise get to command prompt
      login if necessary

      first run 'aumix' and down arrow to Mic.
      then right arrow to bring the mic volume up.

      there should be a red "R" on the left side to
      show that the mic channel is in record mode.
      if it isnt, hit the space bar while the mic
      channel is highlighted

      i used the 'sox' program to record sounds
      see if you have it installed
      'rpm -q sox'
      it should spit back a version if it is installed.

      then to record sound
      'rec this_is_me_onmy_mic.wav'

      i get a couple warnings about channels and speed,
      but it records ok
      <cntrl>-C to exit

      to play back what you have recorded
      'play this_is_me_onmy_mic.wav'

      i also stumbled on another command line tool
      it requires the xawtv package
      check and see if you have it
      'rpm -q xawtv'
      i had it so it must get installed by default ??

      it provides a level meter so you can see your mic input
      run it like this
      'record -r 48000'
      a level meter will come up
      and hit the space bar to start recording
      the file will be automatically named record00x.wav
      note i had to set the -r option for the sample rate of the soundcard
      before it would work

      well thats it for me
      i didnt trouble shoot it in KDE
      but i know my hardware will record

      lets see if you get this far before we proceed

      see ya
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