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19126Re: Dell I-2650 Dual Boot (RH Linux and XP)

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  • perrymans
    Apr 29, 2003
      Google search will give you more than enough info.

      While in RH, run /sbin/grub-install /dev/hda

      This will write GRUB to your MBR if not there already. Then go
      to /etc/grub.conf and edit it for windows. Use this as a reference:

      It won't mess with you Windows drive unless you tell it to, such as
      writing over hda1 (if Windows was there first). in DOS, fdisk /mbr
      will reformat the MBR for Windows again, if all else fails.

      I currently use GRUB for Win98 and RH7.2 on one machine, and for RH9,
      Slackware 9, Debian Woody, Lycoris, and Solaris on another. GRUB is
      easy and works great.


      --- In linux-dell-laptops@yahoogroups.com, "Eswar Prakash"
      <eswar_prakash@y...> wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > Anyone did this combination of Linux install before? RH install
      > warned me that "Boot configuration may not suite your system, boot
      > disk recommended" I panicked and DIDN'T make a /boot partition. I
      > know that I have done something stupid there. I am new to Linux
      > world. So, what do you recommend as a solution, also what is that
      > warning all about?
      > I would also like to know, if my Old data will get
      > corrupted/destroyed on a failed Linux installation, like will I be
      > able to boot into WinXP until I solve this problem?
      > Thanks,
      > Eswar
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