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18566Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Re: Help I just switched to LINUX on my dell 8100

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  • RwA
    Apr 1, 2003

      I would be interested to hear how you use the RR dial-up with linux.


      Randy Perkins wrote:
      >>I am familiar with Roadrunner people who I know who run with this
      >>service like it a lot. I will give it a try and dump my old ISP.
      > i have road runner cable modem at home
      > and it works,works real well.
      > it works better than either of the dsl setups i had had.
      > Telocity, and Earthlink.
      > Earthlink will not let you conect to any mail
      > server but their own, if that is important to you.
      > Telocity is outof business
      > if you go with roadrunner and they offer roaming dial
      > up access, i have figured out how to get it to work
      > under linux, if you are interested
      > see ya
      > randy
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