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18218Re: [linux-dell-laptops] configuring connect script for dial up modem,non standard

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  • Randy Perkins
    Mar 11, 2003

      i was able to solve this with a little help from newsgroups.
      thought maybe someone would be interested ??

      rh8 use wvdial by default but you can coax it into
      connecting with chat, which is more flexible, but less automatic

      so to create a custom connect script for ppp0 under rh8.0;

      create file /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/chat-ppp0
      this file uses the format of the chat command (man chat)

      edit the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ppp0
      and remove the line WVDIALSECT=whatever

      remove any file called /etc/ppp/peers/ppp0

      there are other ways to do it of course,
      but this ties into the "redhat way" so all the other
      redhat scripts will work with it, even the gui interface.
      note that kppp will not work with this setup

      I imagine most isp's that use a dialer binary/gui/script
      could be replicated this way

      here is my chat-ppp0 script
      it could be more elegant and error catching though
      ECHO OFF
      SAY "Dialling your ISP...\n"
      '' ATDT616xxxx
      TIMEOUT 120
      SAY "Waiting up to 2 minutes for connection ... "
      CONNECT ''
      SAY "Connected, now logging in ...0"
      ogin: aolnet/ent.
      SAY "now passing off to ppp for authentication\n"

      see ya

      On Mon, 2003-03-10 at 19:27, Randy Perkins wrote:
      i recently have gotten my modem working,
      and would like to use the roaming dial up account provided by my
      cable modem service (roadrunner, timewarner/aol)

      The ISP has you download a dialer executable,
      ( for windows of course),
      and then you connect to the internet thru that.

      the login procedure actually sends info in plaintext,
      then again validates with ppp.

      the process is as follows:

      1. the remote end sends a login prompt
      2. I respond in plain text with the string "aolnet/ent."
      2. the remote end starts ppp
      3. i respond from within ppp with my login/password info
          ( i am not for sure of the mechanics of this, but it uses
          the standard process of winxp, so i assume CHAP?)

      Randy Perkins <randyperkins@...>
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