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16966Re: [linux-dell-laptops] WInXP, RH Linux, i8200, dualboot

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  • W.K. Vladmir Ward
    Jan 2, 2003

      I SERIOUSLY recommend the GeForce card - ATI has TERRIBLE support in my experiences. I've had no problems with the GeForce2 (except that in powersavethe screen gets mucked up on my laptop) in Linux so far - I would say this is your safest bet.

      By the say, does anyone know if TwinView works with the linux driver for the GF2?

       "xdquus <xdquus@...>" <xdquus@...> wrote:

      I am going to buy a new Dell Inspiron 8200 notebook very soon, and
      want to dual-boot WinXP and Linux(most probably Red Hat Linux) on
      this notebook, followings are what I choose from options provided by

      Inspiron 8200 2.0GHz
      Mobile Intel� Pentium� 4 Processor 2.0GHz-M
      High Quality Audio System with built in Speaker
      Screen:  15" UXGA (1600 x 1200) TFT Colour Display
      Memory:  256MB 266Mhz DDR RAM
      Internal 30GB Hard Drive
      Video Card:  ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 64MB Graphics Card
      Fixed Bay CD, DVD & CD-RW: Integrated 24x  CD-RW/8x DVD Combo Drive
      Modem/Combo Cards:  Internal V92 Modem & 10/100 NIC
      Operating System:  Microsoft� Windows� XP Home Edition

      I have some experiences in using Linux, but still I am not very sure
      if I could install Linux on this notebook, and dual-boot between
      WinXP and Linux. I have several questions:

      1) Is this video card(ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 64MB Graphics Card)
      supported by XFree86? In message #16519, Doug had a success using the
      latest ATI linux driver with this video card. How is the situation
      now for this video card? or should I choose nVidia GeForce4 Go 440
      with 32MB DDR Video RAM, 4X AGP? since nVidia is an active supporter
      for Linux? I might want to play some videos/movies on this notebook,
      which is the suitable video RAM and video card?

      2) Is this internal V92 Modem supported in Linux? Could I also use
      10/100 NIC under Linux?

      3) How about sound with this notebook under Linux?

      4) Could I also configure and use integrated 24x  CD-RW/8x DVD Combo
      Drive under Linux?

      Before I go ahead, it is better to know if these hardware work or not
      under Linux.

      Could anyone help? Many thanks for your time.


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