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16473Re: [linux-dell-laptops] I-8100 Gforce2go(32mb) 256mb 866mhz Red Hat 8.0

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  • Ian Bell
    Dec 1, 2002
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      On Sunday 01 Dec 2002 5:20 am, bjw1253 wrote:
      > Ok, I've installed Red Hat 8.0 I have everything set except for the
      > nvidia drivers. I went to there site and downloaded the updates ran
      > them. and i have to say... messed up... it seems that no matter what
      > you try it won't work!

      It is well known that the nv drivers don't work with the geoforce 2 go, that's
      why rh installs a vesa driver for you.

      > I'm stuck with a vesa generic driver. Plus,
      > why didn't Red Hat 8.0 fix the damn driver install stuff already?

      The install stuff is OK - it sets up a vesa driver which is the only GPL one
      that will work with this vvideo chip.

      > It's been a whole stinking year. I guess I will wait for the 8.0 red
      > hat drivers from nvidia unless someone figured it out already.

      Yes you can download the nvidia source and compile it against your kernel.

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