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1618Re: Dell Linux Support WAS: inspiron 8000

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  • ashley_pond@yahoo.com
    Dec 1, 2000
      be very careful not to confuse issues here.

      the issue is not "how to get less with less", the issue is "how to get
      rid of both the LINUX stupidity and the MSFT stuff". with a laptop,
      one really needs to get the long warranties, laptops do have a
      charmingly high rate of hardware breakage. face it, the other
      part of the warranty on refurbs, the free support is also useless,
      really, as most of the linux crowd can do a lot better on the software
      and installation support themselves, anyway.

      so, be very careful with these refurbs, the warranty is basically
      "BUYER BEWARE", with the only caveat being that FOR 30 DAYS ONLY if
      you don't like what you bought for any reason, you are entitled to
      ship the unit back to DELL. you forego all possibilities of any real
      hardware warranty after 30 days by going the refurb route: you have
      no option to purchase any longer warranty with the refurbs.

      the post below probably comes from a DELL rep. in fact, the tone of
      several of these posts seems to be a bit too understanding of what is
      really an illegal practice of monopoly.

      follow art's link thru a couple of pages and click at the left on
      "warrant information" to see it in b&w.

      ouch! yikes! my oh my oh my! can it be true really, that things are
      not set-up to be helpful to the buyer?

      i'm so in shock :)


      --- In linux-dell-laptops@egroups.com, "Art Delano" <adelano@l...>
      > At 1:14 PM +0000 12/1/00, Richard Simpson wrote:
      > >BTW, don't forget that if you work for a big Dell customer you can
      get a
      > >discount on Dell hardware which you buy for home. On my 7500 I got
      7% off and
      > >a free upgrade to a 3 year warranty.
      > Don't rule out the Dell Factory Outlet, either. It sells refurbished
      > systems for reasonable prices (my Inspiron 3800 was bought for $1499
      > there in June, compared to a similar configuration from the main
      > which at the time cost over $2500). The standard Dell warranties are
      > included, as well.
      > http://www.dell.com/us/en/dfo/misc/segmenter_dfo.htm
      > (URL only applicable in the States; sorry)
      > Somebody else had asked about vendors which specialize in laptops
      > pre-loaded with Linux rather than Windows. I found this when i was
      > initially shopping for laptops last Spring. I haven't dealt with
      them but
      > it shouldn't be hard to track down reports from people who have:
      > http://www.tuxtops.com/
      > AjD
      > --
      > Art Delano, New Media Designer "The 2nd half of this cut
      > Logic Solutions, Inc. an unprecedented
      > adelano@l... between African Pygmies and
      > 734-930-0009x215 a tango orchestra."
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