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1610Re: inspiron 8000

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  • ashley_pond@yahoo.com
    Nov 30, 2000
      couple of general questions on purchasing from dell:

      - i can find no one at dell, nor an option on the order form,
      that will let me opt-out of the MS software that seems to
      be *rammed* *reamed* and otherwise forced on the buyer. has
      anyone had *any* luck in getting them to back off of their
      ridiculous "support the borg at all costs" approach. aside:
      i was equally unable to even coax an answer out of any
      dell rep as to whether or not rh 7 would install on the 8000!
      what a *bunch of losers*! even the nazi did not have it as
      badly as that bunch of corporate losers! you may *think*
      you live in a democracy, friends, but you really have no
      rights, think about it. someone else has signed off your
      right to choose... for what... cash? a house in bahamas?
      follow the money. what did michael get out of this deal
      that we are now paying for with our sweat.

      - is there available a list of reputable wholsale-to-user
      laptop vendors willing to cut the MS software out of the

      - given the option of ordering the internal nic/modem (linmodem
      style) or getting the PCMCIA modem/10/100 card, which is
      the better for linux ease of install and maintenance? i don't
      want to be fussing about restarting marginal drivers, and
      do want to use the card elsewhere.

      --- In linux-dell-laptops@egroups.com, Vance Wheelock <vance@c...>
      wrote: < great stuff, read his excellent post! >

      "On the side of the software box, in the 'System Requirements'
      section, it said 'Requires Windows 95 or better'. So I installed
      - Anonymous

      PS: AFTER wiping the MS software from the disk, and putting the
      CD's in the MICROWAVE (try it, it makes interesting patterns,
      fractal-like, really, you can mount them, kind of a hitech
      form of taxidermy, yeah.)
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