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1603Re: [linux-dell-laptops] inspiron 8000

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  • Vance Wheelock
    Nov 29, 2000
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      I just bought an 8000 and installed RH 7.0 on it. This is a real sweet
      machine. I received it exactly a week ago and have been working on it
      since. The problems that I have encountered so far as follows:

      1.) I would recommend getting a copy of Partiton Magic which makes you
      life very easy since Dell partitions the whole 20MB drive as c: Some get
      buy using just Fips, but I had PM and it worked without any issues
      especially working with FAT-32. When partitioning you may want to take a
      look at setting a partition up so that you can use the "Suspend to Disk"
      feature. I wasn't aware of this when I originally partioned and haven't
      gon back to do this yet. Someone has posted in the group about this.

      2.) RH 7.0 ships with Xfree 4.01a and I have not been able to get any
      other mode besides the excellent 1400x1050 to work. I haven't had the
      time or energy to upgrade to the 4.01c version so I don't know if that
      fixes the issue. I used Jeff Lessem's XF86Config and r128_drv.o files
      you'll find his link in the files section I believe. Download these
      before configuring XFree for the first time. Attempting to configure
      this during the install is not necessary and can be done afterwards.

      3.) The 8000 comes with Maestro 3i card which the standard sound support
      does not support nor probably will for quite a while. I paid $30 for the
      driver's from OSS and they have done an excellent job.

      4.) I have the mini-PCI ethernet/modem card. The netcard works just
      fine, but I haven't tried the modem yet (I will do so soon, but I'm
      guessing that it will work just fine.)

      5.) I have yet to enable PCMCIA but looking at other posts all it takes
      is a couple of minor changes.

      6.) APM actually works surprisingly well. RH has done a good job with
      the apm scripts so that it works without any hitches.


      ashley_pond@... wrote:
      > anyone with any info on whether inspiron 8000
      > installs rh linux 7 ?
      > is there any reason to think that it should
      > not install easily? (similar to the other
      > inspiron notebooks)?
      > all the best,
      > ashley
      > --------------------------------------------------------------
      > Please post your X config files in the group links or database

      Vance Wheelock II, Software Engineer, weddingstreetjournal.com
      "On the side of the software box, in the 'System Requirements' section,
      it said 'Requires Windows 95 or better'. So I installed Linux."
      - Anonymous
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