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16007Re: SPDIF on I8200

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    Nov 1, 2002
      --- In linux-dell-laptops@y..., Matias Alejo Garcia <ematiu@y...> wrote:
      > Hey Guys,
      > Has ANYBODY was able to use the SPDIF output for ANYTHING under
      > linux?? I spent a couples of days so far, and NO WAY!!
      > I installed alsa (which now supports i810 great (at least the analog
      > outputs)), and try to throw some bits to the SPDIF using MPplayer
      > (mplayer -ao alsa9 -ac hwac3 -channels 6 -dvd 1), but I cann't make it
      > work.
      > Just for the records, if I use '-channels 6' only it works (using
      > oss), and I only hear the left/right front channels of the DVD in my
      > notebook, so it works, but, As long as I know, DELL didn't put analog
      > outputs for the rest of the channels...is that right?
      > Back to the digital world, I saw the in the source code of the i810
      > module in ALSA, there are some 'spdif' functions, and in the mixer
      > information (alsactl store) saw also some spdif (IEC958)
      > controls...so...I think that AT LEAST the guy that wrote the driver had
      > to test it some way, and I still have hope that the SPDIF will run!!!
      > PLEASE, if anybody have any related information about this...
      > THANKS A LOT!!
      > Matias [trying to go digital]

      Matias, we have SPDIF on the i8200s?

      Where? I have a firewire plug.. are they putting optical spdif on the
      line out?




      There's no digital in is there? I just got a tape of a gig I did on
      DAT, i'm itching to drop it to the laptop, mp3 it and give a copy to
      my buds....
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