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15240Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Re: Modular DVD on Slackware 8.1

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  • Roger
    Sep 19, 2002
      --- wickdgin <wickdgin@...> wrote:
      > Ok, I figured out the device I needed to use was /dev/hdc. So I
      > restarted made a symbolic link /dev/dvd to /dev/hdc, and added it to
      > my fstab to mount in /mnt/dvd. So the dvd is recognized now, and
      > mounts cd's fine. I guess I'll start working on getting it to play
      > dvd's sometime soon, as soon as I rent or borrow someones (I don't
      > own
      > any, sad isn't it).
      I use ogle for dvd playback. there were about 5 or 6 rpms to download,
      all listed on the ogle page. the video isn't smooth without
      hdparm -d 1 /dev/hdc


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