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15229Re: Modular DVD on Slackware 8.1

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  • wickdgin
    Sep 19, 2002
      Alright, well I didn't get back with this one until now. Show's how
      much I use it- but I've gotten everything but working.

      By modular DVD I mean it is a modular drive, which swaps out between
      my floppy.

      First off, I'm not even sure what device to use. In Redhat,
      annaconda used to automaticly detect the dvd-rom at start up and
      provide the mount point(it would remove /mnt/floppy and make
      /mnt/cdrom2) and everything - Slackware obviously doesn't do that, nor
      do I want it to. I just wish I had a copy of my fstab and /dev or
      something when I had my dvd-rom in.

      Also does anyone know if it is safe to swap drives out of the bay if
      the computer is in suspend mode, or should it be always completly off?

      --- In linux-dell-laptops@y..., "rlillard333" <rlillard333@y...> wrote:
      > --- In linux-dell-laptops@y...,
      > > "wickdgin" <wickdgin@b...> wrote:
      > > Anyone have any idea on how to get my modular DVD
      > > working on Slack. I haven't even attempted this
      > > yet- but I was hoping someone could offer me some
      > > insight.
      > Since no one has responded yet, I'll offer a few
      > comments and a question.
      > 1. What laptop do you have and what do you mean
      > by "modular dvd"?
      > 2. I shouldn't matter, but I am using RedHat 7.3.
      > I would expect most if not all of the other
      > distros to work well too, it's just that I
      > haven't tried them.
      > 3. Assuming you have relatively new equipment,
      > you should be able to get Ogle working. I
      > tried some of the others with inferior results
      > to those experienced with Ogle.
      > 4. Make sure all is well with your X configuration
      > first. See Stephen Lau's FAQ.
      > 5. You will probably need to add several supporting
      > packages before Ogle will work. At least I did
      > for RedHat.
      > 6. If your laptop uses the Nvidia GE Force Go chip
      > and you want to play a DVD on an external monitor,
      > you must start X with the external monitor as your
      > display :0.0. See the previous thread starting
      > with message 14646 on this list.
      > Works great for me.
      > Best,
      > Ray
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