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15030Re: dead/unconnected battery

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  • derekfox
    Sep 7, 2002
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      > There are four possibilities as I see it.
      > Battery has an internal fault, a broken connection between cells or
      a dead
      > cell.
      > Charging circuit in the laptop is broken, so the battery has run
      down and not
      > been recharged. The charging circuit may be built into the battery,
      > Bad connectors either on the battery or in the laptop, dirty
      > A software problem somewhere. Bios setting?
      > More than likely the battery has developed a bad cell - sorry...
      > Peter

      Thanks Peter (thanks also to Mike Hicks). I checked out the bios
      pages, called Dell tech support, and did a few additional tests.

      1. Bios sees the battery, and reports "0% charged" and "Charging...".
      This is true whether the battery is in the left or right-side module.

      2. The "charge meter" on the side of the battery -- which works like
      the Duracell "press and hold" test for regular batteries -- showed no
      charge at all.

      3. Given these results, the Dell technician told me, it is a sure
      thing that my battery is dead. Since it was a more or less
      discontinuous failure (rather than slowly decreasing capacity over a
      period of time) I am inclined to Peter's suggestion that it developed
      a bad cell.

      4. The Dell technician suggested that one year was about an average
      lifespan for the battery -- and since they only warranty the battery
      for one year, and that period has just ended for me, this seemed...

      5. Don't know what to say about the jiggly battery, Mike. When I had
      my battery in the right-side module, however, I noticed that it did
      not fit as tightly as in the left-side -- presumably because of the
      extra space allotted for the floppy/CD drive connectors.

      Off to Dell.com to order my new battery... later...

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