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15018dead/unconnected battery

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  • derekfox
    Sep 7, 2002
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      Hi everyone,

      After nearly a year of fairly trouble-free Inspiron 4k + RedHat
      (first 7.1, now 7.2) ownership, I am suddenly having problems with my

      Although it is sitting in its bay, and I am connected to AC power,
      the battery icon on my Gnome applet is GREY (w/ lightning bolt),
      the same as when the battery is out of the bay entirely. When I
      remove the battery and reinsert it, I get a quick "Low Battery 0%"
      warning, and that is all (turns briefly white/charging, then
      reverts to grey again).

      Moreover, I know the battery is really not supplying any juice
      because when I disconnect AC, the machine goes down instantly.

      Anyone else (ever) have this problem? I would like to investigate
      options before mailing the battery in to Dell...

      Thanks in advance,
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