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148947500 touchpad - Stop tap?

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  • markws7m
    Aug 31, 2002
      Hello all,

      Just installed RedHat 7.3 on my older Dell Inspiron 7500.
      Everything installed and seems to work great: X video, touchpad, etc.

      Now the question is my touchpad is working but it is taking taps on
      it as a mouse click. I know that is a default behavior but it is
      one that I really don't like. In windows I turned it off. Perhaps
      I just have too heavy a touch.

      Anyway I searched this group and saw that several folks recommend
      running tpconfig. Well I don't seem to have it.

      Under Redhat 7.3 is there a way to turn off this functionality of
      the touchpad?

      Thanks in advance

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