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  • Walt Pennington
    Aug 3, 2002
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      Would VNC (Virtual Network Connection) provide a solution? If the home
      desktop is connected, could VNC be used to allow a connection to retrieve the
      files that were unavailable on the desktop?


      > Hi
      > I have the following setup at home. I have a desktop computer that is
      > always on and working as a gateway to Internet for my laptop. What I
      > want to do is to have my home directory available both on the laptop
      > and on the desktop. So if I work on something at home and saves it to
      > my home directory i can work on it on my laptop when commuting to
      > work, and when I get to work an realizes that I have left my laptop
      > on the train I can connect to my home desktop and retreive the file.
      > How do I achieve this in a nice way?
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