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14372Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Networking

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  • david carlton
    Aug 2, 2002
      On Fri, 02 Aug 2002 12:32:44 -0000, "d99ma" <d99ma@...> said:

      > I have the following setup at home. I have a desktop computer that
      > is always on and working as a gateway to Internet for my
      > laptop. What I want to do is to have my home directory available
      > both on the laptop and on the desktop. So if I work on something at
      > home and saves it to my home directory i can work on it on my laptop
      > when commuting to work, and when I get to work an realizes that I
      > have left my laptop on the train I can connect to my home desktop
      > and retreive the file. How do I achieve this in a nice way?

      I'm not sure I understand the scenario: are you getting internet
      access while on the train? If so, cool! (If not, obviously you can't
      expect your desktop to know about files that you've edited on your
      laptop since the last time your laptop was connected to the internet,
      or at least to a phone connection to your desktop somehow.)

      Anyways, the solution that I use, which involves explicitly
      synchronizing the two systems at appropriate times, is rsync; see
      <http://math.stanford.edu/~carlton/i8200/rsync.html>. If your laptop
      _always_ has a reliable internet connection to your desktop, then you
      could try some other more transparent solution (NFS or AFS or

      David Carlton | <http://math.stanford.edu/~carlton/>
      carlton@... | I8200: <http://math.stanford.edu/~carlton/i8200/>
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