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13772Re: [linux-dell-laptops] stupid n00b question on kernel compiles

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  • emil kirschner
    Jul 2, 2002
      what I do is:

      - make mrproper
      - make [menu/x]config
      - make dep
      - make bzImage
      - [make and install the modules if needed]
      - cp arch/i386/boot/bzImage /a_new_file_in_root
      - add the new image to the lilo file (/etc/lilo.conf)
      (don't remove your working image)
      - lilo (will commit your lilo change)
      - reboot

      keeping your old image allows you to very quickly
      reboot a clean system if the new image goes wrong. You
      can always remove your old image later.

      the location of your lilo.conf file may vary with your
      distro (I'm on slackware).


      --- coshea120 <da3dalus@...> wrote:
      > Hey everyone, I just wanna quick verification as to
      > whether this is
      > the correct way to compile a kernel. Please correct
      > it if it's wrong.
      > make menuconfig(or config, or xconfig, whatever, and
      > set the
      > configuration)
      > make dep
      > make clean
      > (if necessary) make modules
      > (if necessary) make modules_install
      > (if necessary) make install
      > reboot

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