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13275Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Processor speed question

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  • Angelika
    Jun 3, 2002

      got an i8k, A17, but I have the option "smart CPU mode". This will make
      your cpu go slower when there's not much to do and speed up once there's
      more stuff to calculate. This also helps saving battery and keeping the
      temperature low. Maybe you've got that one turned on. In my bios it says
      this is enabled by default.

      Maybe that's keeping the frequency down (IMHO, this is a useful option
      though since it does not really slow you down),

      At 14:24 03.06.2002 +0000, you wrote:
      >I have a Dell Inspirion 8100 with a 1GHz proccessor and 512 MB Ram.
      >I understand that the processor speed can vary based on whether your
      >laptop is plugged in or not. However, my laptop speed is
      >consistently always in the mid 700's. Never at or near 1GHz even
      >when it is plugged in which is most of the time. Is there a setting
      >I need to change in order to get maximum performance?
      >Please post your X config files in the group links or database
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