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13249Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Re: I8000 & Ge Force 2 Go

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  • Ron W. Auld
    Jun 1, 2002
      Try 'man dos2unix'.

      For the impatient:
      cd /etc/X11
      dos2unix XFConfig-4

      That should do it!

      The reason I mentioned the multiple possibility is in case you D/L'ed
      other files that could possibly be in DOS format. If you fix XFConfig-4
      as above and don't get any more errors then your OK.


      uf_gator_surfer wrote:

      > I tried the vi command on my XF86Confiq-4 file, but the pattern "^M"
      > was not found anywhere in the file. As for the dos2unix command, I
      > don't really understand how to use it, and what do you mean when you
      > say I have multiple txt files, how could that be possible?
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