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1304Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Inspiron 5000e and Mandrake 7.2

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  • Marc Fellman
    Nov 4, 2000
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      Aanhalen locoj_1998@...:

      > Hello everybody,
      > I have a quick question. I have an Inspiron 5000e with a 15" SXGA+
      > display. I need to know what monitor to select during install.

      I used the X 4.0.1 out of the files section of egroups with an download of 4.0.1
      from Xfree AFTER installation of Linux. It is possible that it complains about
      modules in a specific place but that is solvable by editing the XF86Config file
      by ading the Module.. line.

      I have tried the framebuffer solution in 3.3.6 but that wasn't that stable and
      ubetter usable. SO I'm hoping that VMWare and the Xfree project solve their
      differance of oppinion in the DGA section.

      B.T.W : If anyone knowes how to make the volume control working?

      > Thanks,
      > Jason


      Marc Fellman

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