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1273Inspiron 5000e & KDE & PCMCIA

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  • Matthias Mohr
    Nov 1, 2000
      Hi everybody,

      I managed to get my X running with XFree4.0.1c with 1400x1050.
      Ans I also managed to get the PCMCIA-stuff running.

      But when I'm in KDE (or KDE2) and go to the PCMCIA-page of
      the ControlCenter, it always says "no PCMCIA detected".

      I'm using a SuSE 7.0-distribution with selfcompiled Kernel (2.2.16 + SuSE)
      and I updated my PCMCIA stuff to the newest available by compiling
      it by myself (can't remember the version number now :-)

      Can anybody see the PCMCIA cards inside KDE or KDE2 ControlCenter ?

      BTW: I know, that the apm support don't work, but why is it so bad, that all
      programs kill itself by trying to contact the apm-bios ?
      The kernel always talks about failures with apm and if I accidently go to any
      powermanagement pages inside KDE, the ControlCenter kills itself without
      Is there a working solution (or workaround) for this behavior ?

      thanx for any comments/help

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