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  • hnoerdli
    May 2 8:34 AM
      I just wanted to point out that I have read somewhere that either
      inetd or xinetd may be used, but not both. So if you choose xinetd,
      you may want to verify that you aren't already using inetd (correct
      me if I am wrong on this).

      I'm using SuSE and it comes preconfigured with inetd. The default
      installation (probably for security reasons) doesn't start telnet,
      ftp, and httpd services upon bootup. I may manually start them after
      bootup, or configure bootup parameters to start these services.

      henry noerdlinger
      Blessed are they who convert their neighbour's ox,
      For they shall inhibit their girth
      - Monty Python, Life of Brian

      --- In linux-dell-laptops@y..., Paul <paul@d...> wrote:
      > > telnet, ftp etc arent working even though I've given a valid IP
      > > DNS, etc. It wont even telnet to the localhost! Could some one
      > telnet usually requires xinetd. ftp requires an ftp daemon such as
      > wu-ftpd. Instead, try enabling sshd through setup|system services
      > use ssh and sftp.
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