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  • twotraffic@zenadmen.com
    Apr 30, 2002
      I'm trying to get onto the net with a 5000e and a cisco air342. I
      have rh7.2, which installed super-easy. I believe 7.2 must have a
      recent version of pcmcia-cs, but i've dled the most recent because I
      don't know what i'm not doing right. i dled the 342 drivers from
      cisco and installed those. I got a message during the install but
      then was told that the drivers installed correctly. I guess I need to
      enter networking settings though because I can't connect to the net.
      I must connect via a w2k desktop using internet connection sharing
      with an orinoco ap that uses dhcp internally. when I use windows on
      the 5000e the ap configures my ip.

      how do I enter the correct settings on rh? I've poked around but it
      isn't clear to me where everything goes. I've only just recently
      learned what goes where on windows. any help is greatly