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12306Re: Gentoo Linux and my i8k's fans

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  • questforme
    Apr 22, 2002
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      I have a Dell I8000 and I installed Gentoo on it(several times
      actually) and KDE(several times-took longer than the kernel
      install), it never seemed to overheat or behave strangely.


      --- In linux-dell-laptops@y..., "greenhorn666be" <greenhorn@e...>
      > Hi,
      > As gentoo linux has just released it's first release, I thought
      > give it a try on my Dell Inspiron 8100...
      > But! Since that distribution does compile everything from scratch
      > install, how will my fans behave?
      > I wonder, because I once left the notebook powered on over night at
      > login prompt ( no I don't use (x|g|k)dm ). Next morning, I logged
      > launched X and gkrellm reported the cpu temp to be about 61°C and
      > launched the both fans at full speed - I suppose the fans never
      > started to cool down the machine because I use a Dell i8k aware
      > and do control fans using Massimo Dal Zotto's i8kutils with the
      > GKrellM plugin to it (which were not running at login prompt)...
      > Or does the BIOS never turn on the fans by itselfs (even with a
      > kernel)?
      > Should I be afraid having my cpu melting down trying to install
      > linux on my Dell Inspiron, cause it'll have it to compile for hours
      > with no manual fan control available...?
      > Thanks,
      > Alex
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