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11912I8.1K + NVIDIA (32MB): kinda of confused on an install

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  • bh_mayor
    Apr 1, 2002
      Linux Dell Laptop Users:

      I was attempting to assist a friend today install the
      Nvidia drivers on an I8100 with RedHat 7.2 (totally updated using
      up2date), and the latest NVIDIA drivers.

      I have uploaded a few of the pertinent files to the file
      area if anyone can help me to see what is wrong. Take into
      consideration that I have on my own machine made the NVIDIA 32MB
      card work with a 1600x1200 display (which is the same as the friend
      I have).

      Any ideas?

      Beverly Hills, CA

      P.S. - All files I am referencing are located in "Stuart's file area"
      in the files section.
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