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11295Re: [linux-dell-laptops] DGA and Nvidia with A08 and SPDIF

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  • Adam Lowry
    Mar 3, 2002
      On Sun, 2002-03-03 at 05:36, Lars Scheiter wrote:
      > Hello,
      > i got a really strange problem since upgrading to A08 on an I8K1. When i
      > change modes under X, either with ctr+meta + or DGA, my display gets totally
      > weired. It seems that almost every 2nd line is missing, making texts
      > absolutely unreadable. Also some of the lower modes seem a little bit
      > greenish. Sending an "xset dpms force off" and resuming the display solves
      > the problem. After downgrading to A07 i noticed that these problems still
      > exist, but occur less often.
      > Nvidia wrote in an answer to my mail regarding this issue that it will be
      > fixed in the next release. I was wondering if anybody else has these problems
      > or knows of a temporarily usable workaround since most programs with DGA are
      > completely unuseable, eg games.

      I've got the same problem. Instead of sending the force off command, I
      just close the lid and re-open it. That way I don't have to close the
      game to reset the screen.

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