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  • dubeys@bxscience.edu
    Oct 8, 2000
      Hey All,

      I've been testing out the new 2.4 kernels on my Dell Laptop. Though
      they may be test, they are very stable and have native PCMCIA support
      ( big plus for many newbies ). Almost everything works, except for
      two things. First, the sound doesn't work. But we all know that,
      and the Opensound.com drivers are the only thing that can get nice
      quality sound. However, the second one is an odd problem. The
      floppy doesn't work. I connect the floppy externally using the
      parallel port cable that Dell provides. When compiling the kernel I
      included all the needed hardware support, and it still didn't work.
      Then I included just about every imaginable thing that I could think
      about, and guess what folks? It still didn't work!

      (I know that this is NOT a floppy drive or disk problem because it
      works under both Win95 and Linux kernel version 2.2.17)

      When I try to mount the floppy drive using the command "/bin/mount -t
      auto -o exec,nosuid,rw /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy" , I get the error
      message of "mount: /dev/fd0 had wrong major or minor number" . To
      solve this, I deleted /dev/fd0 and issued the command "mknod /dev/fd0
      b 2 0" . However that didn't work either. =(

      Anyone know what might be wrong here? Does anyone have a 2.4 kernel
      with working external floppy support? If so, can you post or send me
      you configuration file, or tell me how you did it? Thank you all for
      your time.

      Sunny Dubey
      The Bronx High School of Science