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1092RE: [Linux-dell-laptops] Re: Success with Red Hat 7 on 5000e

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  • Dada Krpasundarananda
    Oct 3, 2000
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      Crosby wrote:
      > Do a search for 'xfree86' or '5000' or '5000e'. I don't mind helping
      > if there's a genuine request or a problem. It's when an idiot can't
      > see a post barely a week old, one with a subject of ``XFree86 on
      > Inspiron 5000e -- HOWTO'' and they STILL ask a stupid question.

      There is no need to be rude, just typing the URL would have been much

      Stupid and idiot are not the words to encourage someone to do some research
      themselves if you don't have the time... Be gentle with people, there are
      enough bad vibes in the world.

      I joined this list few days ago, now I am afraid to say anything as it may
      have been discussed already just before I joined... (I understand e-groups
      has archives, maybe an other new person doesn't know)

      I am sure you put a lot of hours in the Howto, but why to offend people?
      It'll be hard for them to feel much appreciation for your effort.

      Some people learn much quicker from a personal reply than from wading
      through lot of documentation. Really no one has to reply... some one else
      may be happy to help out. Helping is not always just to get the job done but
      also social interaction.

      Over the last weeks someone has been helping me to get the winmodem to work
      on the I7000 (not successful yet). I am sure I could have found everything
      by doing searches, but it was more fun with someone's help. And he also
      enjoyed helping.

      So lets help each other from the heart...
      Isn't Linux a bit about creating a better (MS-free:) world...

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