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1089Re: Success with Red Hat 7 on 5000e

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  • ron@sunflower.com
    Sep 30, 2000
      I have an inspiron 5000e with the UXGA display and have not had much
      luck with X - when it probes - the settings get set funky - everytime
      I run X the screen session will start but if I try to exit are change
      tty's the screen carmelizes and I have to do a hard reboot. Would you
      or anyone else with a working X be willing to let me gander at you
      config file? I am running RH-7.0.
      Oh - pcmcia works great and apparently the USB port was recognized -
      what I can do with it at this point is unknown - can't get into X.


      --- In linux-dell-laptops@egroups.com, bos@s... wrote:
      > In case anyone is interested, I wanted to let the list know that Red
      > Hat 7 works out of the box on my Inspiron 5000e (UXGA 1600x1200
      > display). It autoprobes the graphics card correctly, and sets up
      > right default resolution, all without any hand-holding from me. I'm
      > quite pleased with this.
      > I can't comment on PCMCIA support, since I'm running a 2.4.0-test8
      > kernel that I built myself. But that kernel runs fine, with the
      > exception of the same APM-related OOPSes others have reported.
      > <b
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