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1085RE: [linux-dell-laptops] Need Help on install Redhat6.2 on Dell L atitude CPx J750GT

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  • Puttkammer, Roman
    Sep 29, 2000
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      redhat allows you to change the partition tables using different
      tools (disk druid, fdisk)? try using those tools to look at the
      partition table. maybe you can remove and re-create the partition
      you intend to use for windows.

      if neiter works, try using alt-2 (or alt-3) or so to switch to
      a different virtual screen during the installation. there you
      should find a command prompt. see if you can find another disk
      partitioning tool (/sbin/cfdisk?) to check the partition.

      don't know if that'll help, but i guess it's worth a try. if
      linux can't read the partition table, you won't get any further.


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      > Subject: [linux-dell-laptops] Need Help on install Redhat6.2 on Dell
      > Latitude CPx J750GT
      > I have a Dell Latitude CPx J750GT, and I'm having trouble doing a
      > RedHat 6.2 install. In the graphical installer, the screen goes blank
      > as soon as the graphical part starts (after the language and keyboard
      > are set); In the text installer, I got error message: Partition table
      > corrupt. My laptop configuration is 256M memory; 18G hardisk & windows
      > 95; Xircom CardBus Ethernet 10/100+ Modem 56 combo card.
      > MY 18G HHD partitioned with Large disk support enabled
      > 1. Non-DOS 267M 2%
      > 2. PRI DOS 40001M FAT32 23%
      > 3. EXT DOS 6526M 38%
      > and Logical DOS Drive Information
      > D: 4008M FAT32 61%
      > E: 2526M FAT32 39%
      > I want to use the left 6G for Linux.
      > Thank in advance
      > p.c.
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