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108[linux-dell-laptops] Problem With Escape Key Mapping in Bash Shell

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  • daltonm@idsonline.com
    Oct 2 11:30 AM
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      Ever since I've installed (virgin) RedHat 6.0 on my Dell Inspiron 7000,
      the "escape" key has never worked for recalling the last command line
      ("Esc-K" in set -o vi mode) nor does path completion work. When I hit
      the escape key, I either get a beep with nothing else or a screen flash
      (xterm). I've just recently added a Port Replicator, external (Belkin)
      keyboard, external (Belkin) 3-button mouse, and a Viewsonic M70B
      display, all attached to the Port Replicator and the same behavior
      exists using the external keyboard as the native keyboard.
      Interestingly enough, the vim editor recognizes the escape key just
      fine from both native keyboard and external keyboard.

      To my knowledge, there doesn't seem to be any bash shell control that
      assigns or modifies the escape key assignment but I don't know that for

      Has anybody else run into this or would know how to examine or correct
      the escape key mapping for the bash shell? Thanks, in advance, for any
      help or advice offered.