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10120Re: jumpy mouse problem when holding down "shift". Anyone?

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  • remdeless
    Feb 2, 2002
      I have the same kind of problem...I've been trying to change the
      mouse setting and use different kind of mice, but nothing could be
      fixed. This is always happen no matter using Ms products, Textpad,
      or Jbuilder ..and that really bothers me!


      --- In linux-dell-laptops@y..., Marc Swanson <marcswanson@m...>
      > For a while now I've been experiencing an annoying problem that I
      never could
      > pinpoint when using my i8k. Every once in a while.. especially
      > composing emails I will be typing along and all the sudden some
      text will get
      > hightlighted and my next keystroke wipes out my message (!).
      Thank god for
      > undo but still this is VERY annoying (just happened. Damnit!).
      > Anyway, I held down the shift key for a while today while writing
      a paper and
      > thinking of my next word when I noticed my cursor do a little 1/4"
      dance on
      > the screen! It doesn't appear to happen all of the time so it
      might have
      > something to do with system temperature but I'm just guessing.
      > Anyone else experience phantom mouse behavior? What should I
      do??? The
      > laptop is certainly still under warranty....
      > Thanks
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