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The Sponsors of FOSS.IN/2006: Part 3

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  • Atul Chitnis
    Over the past two days, we have met the Principal, Platinum and Gold Sponsors of FOSS.IN/2006. To re-cap: Ministry of Communication and Information Technology:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 15, 2006
      Over the past two days, we have met the Principal, Platinum and Gold
      Sponsors of FOSS.IN/2006. To re-cap:

      Ministry of Communication and Information Technology: Principal Sponsor

      Sun Microsystems: Platinum Sponsor

      Geodesic Information Systems : Platinum Sponsor

      Google Inc.: Gold Sponsor

      The Directi Group: Network Technology Sponsor (Gold Sponsor)

      It is now time to meet our Silver Sponsors. There are lots of them so I
      shall split this announcement over two messages:


      At first glance, this company is not one that you would immediately
      associate with FOSS. More with heavy electricals and stuff like that.

      But then you dig a little deeper, and you start discovering some really
      cool stuff. For example, the work they do in robotics, and the amount of
      FOSS they use and contribute to.

      So when we got a phone call from this company that they would like to
      support FOSS.IN with sponsorship (and they even submitted a *really*
      interesting talk before that, that we selected long before the phone
      call), we simply couldn't supress a smile.

      You see, working in the ranks of that company is an actual Linux Bangalore
      graduate - someone who as a student cut his teeth at managing herds of
      volunteers at the event.

      Yes, we know that Pradyumna Sampath may not have signed the cheque (not
      for this year's event, anyway :), but we like to think that our LB and
      FOSS.IN "graduates" go on to influence the companies they go to. Hey,
      grant us our vanity. :)

      And so it is with pride that we announce our first Silver Sponsor:

      ABB Limited


      I have been hearing the name Christof Wittig for a while now. Not only is
      he supposed to be a great speaker (as we will find out for ourselves) who
      really knows the subject of FOSS, he runs this cool outfit that throws
      down the gauntlet and dares anyone to say that the opensource model
      doesn't work as a business model - they are proving that it does.

      This company totally gets the FOSS model, and users of the company's java
      object database product are quick converts - they love (and swear by) the
      product (Andrew Cowie can talk all night about it, and that's a serious

      And they support FOSS where they can - when they heard about our event
      (from a good friend), they asked how they could contribute, and within a
      few days were confirmed silver sponsors - how cool is that? And bonus - a
      few days later, Christof managed to arrange plans to be in India as well,
      and we asked him to speak at the event, and he will!

      Put your hands together for the totally cool

      db4objects, Inc.


      Quick, name the top three Indian IT companies!

      There - chances are that you just named our next sponsor among them. :)

      I have personally known and have interacted with this company for so long,
      it feels like it is part of my life, and for thousands and thousands of
      smart infotech people in India and abroad, it literally is.

      One of India's first IT megacorps, it has been the breeding ground for
      many of the people who participate in FOSS projects from India, and the
      company really understands the technologies that come out of our world.

      My fondest memory is of their Chairman standing in front of my stall at
      the Computer Society of India's Expo in 1989, picking up our brochures and
      looking at the demos of our small offerings, and smilingly saying "Indian
      software products! Now *that's* interesting." And right he was!

      Our fondest dream at FOSS.IN has been getting more Indian companies
      sponsoring us, and this company is as Indian as Indian can be, and yet a
      recognised global player.

      Ladies and Gentlemen - please welcome our next silver sponsor:

      Wipro Limited

      There are more silver sponsors, and they will go into the next message.

      But for now - thank you, ABB, db4Objects and Wipro, for sponsoring
      FOSS.IN/2006! As with all our sponsors, this event wouldn't be possible
      without you.


      F O S S . I N
      India's Premier FOSS Conference
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