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  • linux-bangalore-programming@yahoogroups.c
    Feb 6, 2011
      This is a reminder to members of this list about the posting rules:

      If you are posting to this list, and your messages aren't appearing, check
      the following:

      1. Did you top-post?

      Top posting is when you type your reply above the question. That is OK in
      email, but not on our lists.

      2. Did you over-quote/inline?

      Overquoting is of you quote back more than 2-3 lines of the original
      message, or if your reply is less than the quoted text.

      Inlining is just inserting text in the original message without trimming
      off the non-required stuff.

      Both are no-nos on these lists.

      3. Did you go seriously off-topic?

      Each of our lists has a focus - the technical list is for
      admin/install/user queries, the programming list is for development, the
      non-tech list is for stuff like licenses, policies, activities, etc.

      While a slight amount of off-topic material in the course of a discussion
      is OK (like a joke), a blatant off-topic message (such as posting about
      the weather on the technical list) is not. Note that programming questions
      on the technical list are as off-topic as installation questions on the
      programming list.

      4. Did you try posting non-allowed material?

      Job posts are not allowed on any of our lists except linux-bangalore-jobs.
      Posting one on the programming or technical list will instantly get you
      banned from the list.

      Any form of spam is also disallowed.

      Personal attacks are off-topic, too. Use email to resolve your differences
      with someone, don't try to use the lists as your stage.

      5. Still haven't got the answer?

      Check out http://blug.in/list-rules

      About moderation:

      All our lists place new users (or users who have never posted) in
      moderation until we are sure they know the rules, abide by them, and are
      not spammers. This means that you may send a message, and it goes into
      moderation for us to check out. If the message is found to be ok, it is
      released. If the next couple of messages are also ok, then that account
      gets demoderated.

      If you look at the traffic on the lists today, you will see that almost
      everyone participating frequently is demoderated. Sometimes, someone who
      only posts infrequently may remain moderated even if he/she posts
      correctly. This is common, if you post only infrequently, you are deemed
      to be a new user, and are "on watch".

      The fastest way to get demoderated is to participate regularly and abide
      by the rules.

      If you post one, you will get banned from the list. This applies to
      everyone - no matter how big or small your company may be.
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