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6787RE: [blug-prog] running several tests in parallel using Perl

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  • prabir senapati
    Aug 3, 2005
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      --- Srinath Venkataramani <srinathv@...>

      > Based on ur problem, I can suggest the following:
      > 1) If u go for fork approach and want to
      > parallelize all
      > "logical-groups" of tests then u may _fork_ at every
      > <bug_find>.
      > 2) But u may have to use some form of IPC or file
      > locking mechanism
      > to capture results from individual executions and
      > prepare u r final reports.
      > -Srinath

      Hi Srinath,

      Thanks for the idea. One more query--
      Suppose I group the test-suites (comprising some test
      cases)and fork each such group. Then what combination
      of each such group would give the minimum test time
      required? Each test-suite is independent of each
      other. So we are independent to grouping. But there
      may or may not be dependency between position of
      test-cases in a group.

      Thanks in advance,


      Regards & thanks

      Prabir Senapati

      mailto: senapati2001@...

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