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1397Re: [blug-prog] System processing time.

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  • Aneesh Kumar K.V
    May 1, 2002

      If you want to get the time difference with high precision from the
      user space application use clock_gettime( The man page may be available
      on linux so check solaris or Tru64 box around. If not give a google
      serach ) and use CPU resolution. Inside kernel check for rdtsc().

      Make sure your Time stamp counter doesn't overflow. That is you are
      measuring a long time gap.


      >On Wed, 2002-05-01 at 13:32, shashimc2002 wrote: Hello everybody,

      >I am trying to estimate the time taken by the system to process
      >packets at different stages. I am basically trying to find out where
      >the bottleneck is, in some 386 and 486 machines, while processing

      >Can you please let me know how I could go about finding out the time
      >spent in processing the packet at different stages: from the moment
      >it is received by the Ethernet card to the time when it is delivered
      >to the application. Do I have any system call / lib / command for
      >this? Or do we have an ioctl() for this ?

      >Thanks in advance.


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