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FOSS.IN/2009 Event Announcement

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  • Atul Chitnis
    Team FOSS.IN is happy to announce that, with the help of the community, we have been able to finalise the dates (and hence the venue) for FOSS.IN/2009.
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2009
      Team FOSS.IN is happy to announce that, with the help of the community,
      we have been able to finalise the dates (and hence the venue) for

      FOSS.IN/2009 will be held on December 1-5, 2009 (Tuesday through
      Saturday) at Bangalore's largest and most modern conference venue - the
      NIMHANS Convention Centre.

      The dates and the choice of venue have interesting backgrounds:

      The Dates

      Unlike in the past, we decided not to second-guess fate, and let the
      community help decide the event
      dates, based on other events that would happen around the same time.
      Typically this includes university examinations, other notable events, etc.

      To do this, we ran a poll on the FOSS.IN site, from February 6th to
      March 16th, giving the choice of three sets of dates - December 01-05,
      December 08-12 and December 15-19. While voting was slow initially, we
      had almost 500 people voting by the end of poll, and on March 16th, the
      December 01-05 set of days was officially carved in stone. :)

      The Venue

      Once we had the dates, we began the task of fixing the venue. While we
      have held the event at the Indian Institute of Science for many years,
      the new format of FOSS.IN (introduced last year) made that venue unsuitable.

      After several weeks of checking out venues available on the dates
      selected by the community, we finally managed to book the one we had our
      eye on all along - Bangalore's most modern and spacious conference venue
      - the NIMHANS Convention Centre. We applied for the chosen dates, and
      paid the advance, and have now received the confirmation of booking.

      What makes this convention centre so special is not just the halls
      (there are three "regular" halls, ranging between 200 and 500 seats), or
      the large number of discussion rooms, or the large indoor dining area,
      but the one thing that we were looking for the most - GIGANTIC wide open
      (but indoor) spaces where we can set up tables, hack centres, expos, and
      much more.

      And best of all, the venue is available to us every day from 6am to
      10pm, there are virtually no restrictions (yes, we can has coffee
      vending machines!), and (hold your breath, my friends) WE CAN HAVE
      EVENING ENTERTAINMENT! Which means after a gap of many years, the
      much-loved end-of-day rock and other music shows, movies and other
      entertainment will return to FOSS.IN! (If that doesn't get Rasmus
      Lerdorf back to Bangalore, nothing will! :)

      The Event Format

      Because of the huge amount of space and the facilities available to us,
      we are able to flex our intellectual muscles more than ever, and are
      able to expand on the concepts introduced last year.

      This means that unlike last year, FOSS.IN Workouts will run for the
      duration of the event, not just for a few hours. So projects can ask for
      (and will be allotted) areas where teams can hunker down for upto 5
      days, and work on their projects. We will provide network and
      electricity and tables, you bring your notebooks, special equipment,
      enthusiasm and talent. All we ask is that you work on FOSS projects, and
      keep us informed about progress every evening.

      The Talks

      While there will still be talks, they will run parallely to the
      WorkOuts. And talks will be only of exceptionally high quality, by
      people who have contributed in a major way to projects. Since we are
      starting very early this year (the CfP should go out in April itself),
      we will ensure that the selected talks are talks that attendees will
      remember for a long time for their quality, content and depth.

      As usual, talks will be focused on FOSS projects and contribution to
      them, but we won't turn down te occasional high quality talk by an
      exceptional presenter, even if it isn't quite about FOSS or contribution
      (but is at least related to it). For example, a talk about hacker spirit
      and mentality, given by someone known for her knowledge of the subject
      and ability to present, would certainly be accepted.

      We will, however, draw a line at advocacy, political or
      introductory/newbie talks. As usual, we do not want to compete with
      other events that happen roound the year, that handle such subjects.

      Other Features

      This year, we have much more room for the sponsor expo and FOSS expo,
      and FOSS projects will be able to exhibit their work to visitors and
      interact with them. There will be lots of space for discussions,
      socialising, project meetings, brainstorms and much more.

      But most of all, we expect to see people building on the foundation
      stones we laid last year, to make FOSS.IN the biggest and most
      productive FOSS conference in the world. Our mottos ("Technology for a
      Free World" and "Talk is Cheap, Show me the Code") are very much the
      core focus of the event - let's show the world what India, and the FOSS
      community, is capable of delivering.

      Call for Participation

      A detailed Call for Participation (and Call for Sponsorship and Call for
      Volunteers) will go out soon, but in the meanwhile, pull out your
      calendars, your PDAs, your markers and your tattoo machines, and carve
      these dates on your wall:

      December 1-5, 2009
      NIMHANS Convention Centre
      Bangalore, India

      More information will appear soon on the FOSS.IN website
      (http://foss.in), but for now, head to the FOSS.IN mailing list
      (http://foss.in/list) and discuss!

      May the Source be with you, people - and get ready to rock! :)

      Team FOSS.IN
      We do FOSS Events like no one else can
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