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Re: Comercial companies leveraging FOSS community: Survey

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  • Nitish Bezzala
    ... database. ... or completely opposite to the trend will be useful.
    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 10, 2005
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      > Oracle buying into JBoss, supporting it linking it with their
      > Any other examples if you can think of which are similar in nature
      or completely opposite to the trend will be useful.

      <a href="http://www.aolserver.com>AOLServer</a> is one project which
      was open sourced by a commercial company and now has a thriving
      community around it.
      Once the code is open sourced it does not matter whether the company
      supports it or not. As long as the project attracts users and
      developers it will continue on its own steam. So regardless of the
      reason a company decides to sponsor or open source a project, it is
      good for everyone.
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