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7111Offline Ticket Purchases

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  • Atul Chitnis
    Nov 20, 2012
      A number of people have informed us that they are unable to purchase tickets because they don’t have credit/debit cards (or are unwilling to use them) or netbanking. Their only option is to purchase tickets at the venue – but that will cost them more, for no fault of theirs.

      Our problem is that walk-ins skew all our logistics (food, goodies), which is why we have higher ticket rates for walk-ins.

      So we are going to take a rather big risk here.

      We have enabled offline payments at DoAttend. This allows you to register online, select offline payment, and then come to the venue early on 29th morning, show your ticket order number, and pay for the ticket (sorry, cash only). If you do this, you only pay the regular rates (1500 for students, 2500 for regular delegates).

      If you do not register online, you will have to pay the full walk-in delegate rate (3500).

      The risk we take is that you may register online with offline payment, then not show up, and our logistics get skewed anyway. We are hoping that you won’t do this.

      Note that all online registrations end at midnight on the 28th. After that, if you haven’t registered online, you pay the full walk-in delegate rate (3500).

      Now nothing should stand in your way of registering, and being at the tech event of the year.

      See you at FOSS.IN!

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